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My idea is to drift dead shiners while throwing hardware and soft plastics.  I pour my own so I can sacrifice some to the toothy suckers.

I have an interesting Rapala with a spinner blade in front. Sinks.  I have a bunch or swim jigs.  All colors. Lot of fluorescent colors. 
Lots of timber so crank baits are a possibility too.  I do plan on using lures than are bigger than I would use for bass.  
I do plan on getting a few bigger swim baits.

Thanks for all your ideas. 
I guess I’ll be starting another tackle bag

On 1/24/2023 at 2:05 PM, PSeggs said:

I saw a pike/tiger musky kill an adult female mallard last week!  

So maybe a floating decoy rigged with some trebels!:shrug:



2nd time I've seen this happen. Except the 1st time it was a duckling.   

Both sights were spectacular to say the least.  

I have a lure that was given to me some years ago, a rubber chicken that fishes like a buzzbait but has never seen water . I wonder if this would be a good substitute for a duckling? 

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