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PSA- Don't Ignore that colonoscopy

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So just a reminder for all of us that are 50 and over not to ignore that colonoscopy.  I'm sitting here a couple of hours from home helping with my mom's post op recovery.  At 82 she had never had a colonoscopy until a couple of months ago. Years ago she told her doc that she would prefer not to.   Really, that's what she told him.  We "kids" shook our head and couldn't figure it out.  Then she hit the point when she was on blood thinners and had other complications. So when she was anemic a couple of years ago she was at risk for the scoping so they held off.  Fast forward to the fall and she's dangerously anemic, two hospital stays, multiple types of scopes, and they find she's got 24 polyps, one of which is malignant,  one suspect.  So major colon surgery followed. We are blessed that it hasn't spread- the doc seemed surprised given it was a large polyp.  We're a month post op and she's doing well, but she's still got a long road ahead on recovery.   We only recently found out that my grandmother passed a week or two after a colonoscopy ~ 30 years ago- we're pretty convinced my mom had this unspoken fear .  If any good has come of this, it's compelled my 60 year old cousin to schedule her colonoscopy.


If you haven't done it yet, do you and your loved ones a favor and make that appointment.

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Yes, do it. My mother had ten inches removed back in 1980 at 54 yo. So having a family history i have stayed up on my scheduled colonoscopies. which are now every 5 years. Prep is so much improved... Procedure is minor inconvenience... But just be sure the anesthesiologist tells you exactly what they intend to use. Last time I had a "traveling prep nurse" and a "traveling anesthesiologist" who made no mention that they would be using Fentanyl.... I was wiped out for hours after i got home and i am usually asking for a coffee in recovery rooms. (I have had too many knee surgeries.) I was pissed when I found out (by reading the notes in my patient portal afterwards). I now have listed Fentanyl as a drug I am allergic to...

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49 mins ago, rathrbefishn said:

If you haven't done it yet, do you and your loved ones a favor and make that appointment.

Solid advice brother ratrbefishn. :th:


I know a guy that wound up with some serious cancer and surgeries that could have been avoided if he went sooner, and another guy who flat out died.


Had mine in 2018 at 50 and turned out great.  My esophagus on the other hand, was, "a wreck" as my Dr. put it.  I had both done same time.  Put me on meds and the follow up a year later was positive.


Going back in June for follow ups. 


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8 mins ago, Toad in Nj said:

Not judging but it  seems like it’s for saying people did for the sake of doing it


If someone doesn’t have medical benefits 

I could see it making sense


if you do, the test is no big deal like others have said

If you have insurance it is a good idea to check with them on the chit in the box test. 

A colonoscopy is preventative and 100% insurance covered. 

Chit in a box comes back positive and now you need a colonoscopy anyway. It is no longer preventative and is now treatment for a positive test so you would be under regular 80/20 split plus deductibles and whatnot. Probably 4k out of pocket, But every policy is different, Good idea to check before you put the poop in the mail. 


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