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5 hours ago, Mike Oliver said:



Your way of casting Out Front is same as mine. Quick and powerful. I agree that the TH Out Front is way less effort than a single hand rod. We are in a ridiculously huge minority.  But heh who wants to be mainstream boring.

I also fish the single hander and if we are fit and have a good technical cast then really it should not kill us to cast them for a day. A decent double haul can take a lot of load away from the casting arm if it is good. But honestly it seems the need or desire to cast well is not currently popular. This is sad for me. Why would anyone settle for bang average. I am speaking generally here. I had the same mind set for 58 years until I got inspired having a free lesson with a Jim Fearn. You can google Jim up and see him cast. That lit the blue touch paper and I now love casting in its own right. For me it is five days a week at it. This is outside of actual fishing. 
If only more river fishers would learn to single hand spey cast it would be hugely helpful to them. On the dangle and a snap T or single spey and they are back fishing compared against multiple small angle change overhead casts.  Obstacles behind no probs.


Hi Mike, I'll be sure to look up Mr. Fearn. I've always appreciated watching casters who are very competent and make it all look very easy. 

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