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2023 Gardening

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No one is talking about gardening.  October 2nd and I picked four Marketer cucumbers and a couple of tomatoes today from my four by ten raised bed.  I still have several yellow beefsteaks in ten gallon felt containers that have a chance given this week’s weather report.  How about cucamelons?  I never heard of them till my wife brought one home from a local plant sale thinking it was a cucumber.  I planted it halfway between my two cucumbers plants and it ran amok through the tomatoes, basil, cucumbers and pepper.  Dozens of baby watermelon looking melons that taste weird.  It works as a garnish or just a conversation piece.



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2 hours ago, Redhawk7 said:

How many years does it take to grow an apple tree that produces  apples? My wife  wants one but I think I’ll be dead before I see an apple.

Um let's see. 20 years and this is my best season.  It's all about pruning and spraying 

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This warm summer has been weird. My Sugar Snap peas, beets and some other cool weather stuff really struggled. Garlic did really well and the Hot Peppers and Tomatoes went nuts. So did the raspberries. Dehydrating smoked Anaheim and Smoked Red Jalapenos (Chipotle) to turn into Chili spice right now. A packed 4 shelf Bradley smokers worth. My spice jars hold 4 1/2 oz and I have 4 full of Chipotle powder and 4 full of Anaheim. With what is in the dehydrators and still in the garden I expect to end up with 7 or 8 of each. Got so many Fresno Flaming Flare I quit pickling them after 8 2cup jars (plus abt 10 jars of Hungarian Hot Wax) and made six 10oz jars of Fresno Sriracca. Really tasty less heat than store bought but a whole lot more taste. No frost forecast for another ten days - strange times. Normally the peppers would be torn out and hung upside down in the garage. Next years Garlic already planted - just have to prune back the raspberry canes - nearly time to check out the snowblower.



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On 10/11/2023 at 7:43 PM, capesams said:

best over all pot  dirt for geggies...any home made mixes that kick butt?

I grow mostly tomatoes in 10 gallon soft pots.  For soil I do the following.


Our dump (Bourne) provides this really nice, black composted soil free to Bourne residents.   I mix it 80/20 with dried cow manure.  To loosen the soil I mix in a few cups of coco coir  and a cup of perlite. To that I add several tablespoons of pelletized slow release fertilizer, and a heaping tablespoon of mycorrhizal (root enhancer) to promote seedling root growth.  

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