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2023 Gardening

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3 hours ago, bob_G said:

Hang onto those seeds.   Heirlooms that go back to Italy are as rare as hens teeth.

Have you tried them yet?


Have had quite a few. My wife, being inundated with zucchini, tomatoes, summer squash, etc decided to make a rough pasta sauce with them. Very tasty.

These tomatoes are actually pretty sweet, not a lot of acidity. Firm flesh, not too many seeds.


As for "heirloom", these tomatoes came from seeds that have come from seeds that came from seeds over the past 100 years....doesn't the possibility of cross pollination come into play? So that they may not be true to the original?


I am not a botanist. Does it show?




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4 hours ago, R.R. Bridge Fisher said:

Remember the spags giveaways of tomatoes? 


I remember lots of pushing and shoving. Probably just on my own part. 


Always got a bunch or two. Were they wrapped in newsprint paper?


It was a day to find out how many people you could get to go with you, hoping that they didn't have gardens.


They other best thing about Spag's was ordering a few bags of dirt, mulch, other garden bagged stuff at the register. Drive the truck through the "college boy load up line" and let them know you'd take broken bags. Big scores every time.

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Tried my hand at potatoes this year, russet, yukon gold and sweet potatoes.

Russets didn't grow too well, and didn't produce much.

Yukons did much better, and even though the results were averaged sized they were delicious.

Will be pulling the sweets next month.


Based on my results I might plant yukons and sweet potatoes next year.

Beans, Peas and peppers did well, tomatoes not so much.


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They have a very distinct lobed shape. Not crazy hot but have a lot of taste. I grow my Biggie Chilie F-1 hybrid Anaheim until they are red. Deseed them and cut in strips, smoke 2 hrs with pecan in my Bradley. Then dehydrate and grind into powder. It and my smoked Sweet Paprika powder are the base for chili. Then I add Chipotle (my smoked red jalapeno powder) plus a dash of my smoked Cheyenne Cayenne. Not crazy hot - just a lot of depth flavor wise. Home grown Music garlic and a spoon of Cocoa plus my plum tomato sauce in there too. Kidney beans in a batch for those that like them.

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29 mins ago, bob_G said:

Mortgage Lifters




nice. i thought i got them this year but they were not as marked and i got some smaller less tasty ones. Fortunately i did get some orange brandywines so i got some good heirlooms at least. 

what's the secret word for tonight


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