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2023 Gardening

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Giving myself a B+ on loose leaf red and green lettuce in both 10 gallon grow bag and small raised bed.  Picked a couple weeks ago to make room for tomatoes.  Lost a black cherry tomato to curly top virus which supposedly is transmitted from a leaf hopper. Basically given up on heirlooms.  The only slicing tomato we had success with last season was lemon boy which I couldn’t find.  I seem to get lots of tomato plants sprouting up in the soil or grow bag.  Maybe the one I keep will be a top producer.


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A look at this years raised planters too. Cucumbers, peppers and rampicante squash. Along with some calendula and an unknown flower that my neighbor gave me. 

We lost every single squash and cucumber last year to squash bugs. Last year I did all of the cucumbers in the raised beds and the tomatoes in the planter boxes. Switched it completely around this year, hoping for better results with both the cucumbers and tomatoes.





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First tray of calendula flowers harvested as well. In a couple days, we’ll have a dehydrator full of them. The fiancee dehydrates them, then stuffs a big mason jar with them, and tops it off with olive oil. They’ll infuse the oil for about 4-6 weeks. Then she either bottles the oil or mixes it with bees wax to make a salve. She bought little tins on Amazon and gives the salve out for Christmas gifts.


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On 6/26/2023 at 1:32 PM, JTR said:

Here’s a look at how I’m doing the tomatoes this year. Raised beds with cattle panel trellises. All of the suckers get pruned and they will single stem up the trellis. Have 20 plants in the ground. 





That's a good idea.

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My peppers and tomatoes are doing well enough, but my bumper crop this year might be peas and beans, with a possible late harvest of russets and sweet potatoes.

Everything needs to be caged because of all the critters we have around here.



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