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2023 SOL Food Fling

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Now that the holidays are in the rearview mirror it’s time to start thinking about the biggest SOL event and 20th Anniversary.  The hall has been book for Fling #21 on Saturday March 11th 2023. It will be held at the same place as the last few years at the Bayville Elks from 12 to 5. The Elks Club is located at 247 Atlantic City Blvd Bayville NJ.

Please sign up here.  


 For the new folks, here's a brief thing on Flings in general:

A Fling is just what we here at SOL refer to as a gathering of members for any reason. Most flings involve fishing at some point. For instance, the Ditch Fling. But the Food Fling is the only big one that doesn't. It's based in the off season, and called the Food Fling for just that reason. We don't fish, we just eat and drink have a good time. This is our annual chance to all get together, just have fun and enjoy each other’s company without fishing. This is also the one where all family members, wives and husbands, children', moms and dads, whoever, are also invited. It’s a great family event.


The Food Fling is an all-volunteer event. Many of us make food, and many others donate food such as the basic burgers and dogs and such to feed the masses that come. Nothing is catered. It's all on us to feed each other. Folks make a pot of stew or soup, chili or such. Lasagna or whatever. Cookies or a pie or cake. Whatever you feel like making and bringing is always wholeheartedly welcomed and devoured as such. The trick is a whole bunch of folks make a small amount, just what you're comfortable with, and when it's all put together, it feeds all of us. we don't ask anyone to make enough to feed the whole crew. Any way that you are comfortable helping out works for us. We always also need help setting up the hall early and cleaning up after wards.

If you are a member in good standing on stripersonline.com, you are welcome to come. Bring your family, it is kid friendly. 


The Fling doesn't cost anything to attend. We only ask a donation of your liking at the door to offset the cost of the hall rental and various other things we may need to pay for ahead of time.


We also run a Chinese Auction to raise money for a few local kids-related fishing funds. So, if you have something, most anything at all, that you would like to donate to the auction, please contact me by PM here, or by email. A great many of the plug builders and fly tiers on both coasts contribute every year to the auction, and it is always so much appreciated. But we accept most anything fishing or outdoors, or even sports related.


Alcohol, soda, and water will be provided like it was in years past.  Alcohol is not permitted to be brought in from the outside. Unfortunately if you get caught club members will ask you to leave and you will be escorted out of the building. I'm pretty sure the great folks here understand the liability issues with this and we shouldn't have any problems. With that said there will be a cash bar available with the following prices.



So that's it in a nutshell folks. It's the chance to meet other folks that you've maybe only talked to online. Maybe see folks once a year. And definitely have a real great time. Eat some of the best food you could ever imagine. And maybe win some awesome prizes. All the while helping out a couple charities in the process. 

The auction and 50/50 will proceed like it always has with the proceeds going to local fishing clubs for their youth fishing programs. 

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57 mins ago, Spigola said:

I'm in as usual. I'll be there early to help set up, also as usual.


Pin this to the top. I missed it at first.


Wasn't this usually posted in the Town Tavern?

It was till Tim made a special room for it below the Town Tavern which is where the link in the post above takes you

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Looking forward to it. 


For those who have not attended, most of you mooks look relatively normal in person.  There are great auction items, good food as long as certain people are not let near the grill, and it's a nice March Saturday.  Looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new people.

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