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Inshore Travel Rod Recommendations

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Hey folks. Looking to purchase a quality inshore travel rod. As a college student, space is often limited and I frequently fly back and forth between my parent’s house. I’ve been thinking a 4 piece spinning rod would be a good option for my usual inshore marsh and mangrove fishing in Louisiana but also for bass fishing when I go home to Georgia and inshore fishing when I visit family in Florida. I’m thinking a Medium Light or Medium would work best. I’m willing to spend upwards to 150-200 or so as this is a rod I plan to own for a good minute. 

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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I've been really happy with my Fiblink rods.  I have 3. A 8.5, 9.5 & 11.  The 11 is a 3piece.  Other 2 are 4piece. 

After Christmas, I'm going to buy a 4th.  A 12ft for 6-8oz.   


I live like a college student space & travel wise.  

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I purchased a Silverhook combo from TD that is a great option and pretty cost effective 3 piece and it also comes with a travel tube.  I also have one of Toadfish's travel rods, 3 piece as well however they give you different sections to make different combinations in order to change action and wt.  Also comes with aluminum travel tube.

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1 hour ago, Nabobish said:

 for short money the Okuma SST (3pc or 4pc).

Agree.  Purchased an 8'6" SST a few years ago and while I've only taken a couple of trips with it, I've been very pleased.  Bought another one last year for trout fishing in Utah.  Would never trade either for all the non travel rods on my rack, but for 1 or 2 trips a year when a travel rod is necessary it works well.  I prefer it to my st croix triumph travel rod.  

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Try to find one that fits in your suit case if possible … diawa makes a few , tsunami has I think has a 9 foot and a seven foot … i took the seven foot to Hawaii and florida just to throw some tin , rod worked great … and some times its easier just to buy a cheap o rod when you get there and leave it or give it to some one when your leaving …

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I bought an 8-foot St. Croix a few years ago for a Hawaii trip and it worked well.  Broke down short enough to fit in my wife's checked bag (I travel lighter so my checked bag was a little too small).  I haven't used it in the last year or two--haven't traveled much in the last year or two--but as I recall, it cast something like 1/2-1 1/2 oz or maybe 3/4-2; I hung a Shimano Stradic 6000 (don't think they make a 6000 any more) with 12-pound mono on one spool and 20-pound braid on the other, and it struck me as a good all-around rod, suitable for most inshore work other than tossing light stuff on the flats, where you need something lighter, or real surf fishing, where a little more length and backbone is called for.  But for estuaries, rock coasts, light surf, and boat casting, it serves.

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They are all a trade off of some sort... A 4pc rod is not gonna be as good as a 1pc, obviously.... But, I have 2 discontinued brand 4pcs that I take almost every where I travel on an airplane... They fit inside my suitcase, so no schlepping them around the airport or inside the plane... 


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