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The Scotch Thread

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Let's focus in scotch here as it most certainly deserves its own thread as it is truly the nectar of the God's.


Picked up these today. I'm a big GlenDronach fan and have never seen the Port Wood local to me so that was an easy choice. The Octomore; I sampled Edition 7.1 about a month ago at a whisky tasting and it was incredible; blow your socks off stuff. Today took me out of state and through New Hampshire. I did a quick search of the inventory of the State Liquor Store I'd be passing on my way to Maine, and they had 6 different editions available. After reading some online reviews I settled on Edition 12.2. Pours to commence shortly.


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7 hours ago, Kings over Queens said:

I don't drink scotch much anymore, but when I did, Scapa was my favorite single malt.  Very peaty but was a little difficult to find.  About $80 if I recall.


For blends, Chivas was always good. 

How come? Lost a taste for it? I often find myself sucking down bourbons because they're just so easy, but I feel like scotch offers much more complexity and a wider variety. Highland Park 18 is what I'm looking for now...want to try that one.

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3 hours ago, BLilly said:

I’ve been enjoying these cask strength scotches that a friend brought back for me from Scotland recently. 



I'll send you my flask. Return it with some of that Lagavulin. Thanks

You know it must be a penguin bound down if you hear that terrible screaming and there ain't no other birds around. 

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