"Bullitt" - a Spielberg sequel with Bradley Cooper - can it be good?

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Bradley Cooper Will Play Frank Bullitt in Steven Spielberg's Sequel

Cooper will revive Steve McQueen's iconic role, more than 50 years later.


Back in February, legendary director and producer Steven Spielberg surprised the world with the first rumors that he had been working on a sequel to the 1968 detective-in-a-car-chase classic Bullitt. Now, we have a much stronger idea of what that movie will actually be.


Most notably, Deadline reports that the title role of Detective Frank Bullitt will be played by decorated actor Bradley Cooper. He will revive a role originated by Steve McQueen, who is forever linked to the film and its iconic car chase. Deadline's sources apparently still insist that this is a continuation of Bullitt's seemingly fairly complete story, not a remake of the original film, so it is completely unclear what Cooper's Bullitt will actually be dealing with in the film.


McQueen's family will be heavily involved in the film's production, too. His son and granddaughter will be executive producers on the film, while Spielberg, Cooper, and Kristie Macosko Krieger will join the pair as producers. Spielberg and Cooper are also currently working together on the upcoming Leonard Bernstein biopic Maestro, which was co-written by Cooper and reported Bullitt sequel writer Josh Singer.


The new updates do not address any plans to follow up the film's iconic car chase, if any. While it would be a near-impossibility that Detective Bullitt would be caught in a second 11-minute car chase in as many cases in a normal film franchise, the original movie's chase is a massive part of what has made the original Bullitt memorable enough to remake half a century later with a completely different team and lead actor. The new film will have to address the chase one way or another; at Road & Track, we're hoping for another unique and memorable chase entirely.

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No, car chases today are all cgi imaging and totally unrealistic, Bullit, French connection, the seven ups, all classics

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7 mins ago, Shaky said:

No, car chases today are all chi magic and totally unrealistic, Bullit, French connection, the seven ups, all classics

The French Connection car chase is perfection. Flawless. Despite all the hype, the "epic" car chase in Bullitt is a laughable piece of ****. Exciting? Yes. But from a filmmaking perspective it is the greatest specimen of bad editing ever to make print and projection. There are rules for continuity of motion. You exit screen right, then you enter screen left - moving in the same direction! That's how things make visual sense. The 180º rule goes out the window here. They even reuse shots. For **** sake count how many times they pass the same green Volkswagen Beetle. Like they're going in ****ing circles. Wanna know what a farce the Academy Awards are? This crap won the Oscar for editing. A film school freshman would get a failing grade on this sequence. It's a text book example of how to do it wrong. 


Don't get me wrong. It's an awesome movie. But the car chase hurts to watch. The French Connection got it right. Never done better before of since. 


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