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On 11/7/2022 at 6:14 PM, G8trwood said:

The yakima is super light but it also flexes a bit. The steel ones are more rigid. The goal post style uprights are worth it if you are loading in off camber situations, as it keeps the yak from sliding off.  I welded uprights on an older steel one and put LED trailer strip lights on them.


On 11/15/2022 at 2:39 AM, Tom Angler said:

picture please?!!!

Yes, the Yakima does flex. It comes with straps that you connect to the ends of the extender & to the bumper. It helps but still has flex and it's just another thing you have to do before loading the kayak. It's also more expensive than others that extend straight out of the bed.

It is versatile though since you can can adjust the angle. I have low profile crossbars on my my bed. If I want to throw stuff in the bed, I can close the tailgate and angle the extender so the kayak sits on top of the crossbars. I also don't worry as much about the knucklehead driving behind me since the kayak is higher up.

You can also buy an extension and angle the extender straight up and down. You can have the kayak from the top of the cab to the extender high above the bed.

Honestly, I almost always use it with the tailgate down since it is much easier to load/unload so I could have saved a little cash and went another route. 





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This is so dang cool! I have a smallish garage and I have my kayak hanging from the ceiling on a pully device. I lower it onto the car top of my civic. I might measure a small truck and see if it will fit and the bed extender would allow me to basically drop in in the bed rather than on the roof. Might just work! Thanks for all the info and the pictures! Happy Thanksgiving!

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On 11/24/2022 at 9:42 AM, G8trwood said:



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Anyone see a big disadvantage of the boonedox other than price?

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