Bucktail making kit - hair and tying, jig molds, paint, lead pot

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Selling what basically amounts to an all-inclusive kit to make your own bucktail jigs, start to finish. Below are pictures of various deer hair colors, hackle feathers, flashabou, glue-on eyes of different sizes, and a bobbin. I also have pictures of my Lee lead pot and the safety equipment that I use (even working outdoors I try to play it safe by using a respirator, and heavy duty gloves), two Do-It brand molds for jigs from 3/4oz to 3 1/2oz in the Hot Lips style (aka the andrus ripsplitter), and Mustad jig hooks from 5/0 - 8/0. Lastly, I have several colors of Pro-Tec powder paint for jigheads. ***learning to fish, then make my own bucktails has been one of my greatest adventures in fishing and has absolutely lead to my learning and accomplishing things on the water (in the surf) that I'll always remember. Currently, the tide has pulled me in the direction of reinvesting in a lathe in order to continue my plug-making adventure***


Pricing is as follows:

Tying materials (hair, etc. immediately below): $125 shipped

Lee 10lb pot, Respirator, gloves: $75 shipped

Do-It molds, Mustad Hooks, pro-tec paint: $100 shipped

OR, $270 shipped for the lot



8 Hareline-Dubbin large northern bucktails (2 black, 1 purple, 1 blue, 3 red, 1 pink)

3 USDA Prime bucktails (these have slightly less bulk to them but have longer hair and more of the bucktail is usable), white

4 Hareline Dubbin saddle hackle feathers (white, chartreuse, red, burgundy/wine)

2 creative angler flashabou (closer to 3 but one is martially used, 1.5 in white and 1 in red)

2 Shiner flash (light blue and flourescent green)

Hareline-Dubbin 3D holographic eyes (various colors and sizes)

1 bobbin (I can't place the brand at the moment)



Lee 10lb melting pot (excuse the slog from my last batch, I will flux/clean it out thoroughly for you)

Respirator (with spare inserts)

Heavy Duty leather glovesIMG_0063.jpg.e0148b911f0933708682abde5d0ab72a.jpgIMG_0064.jpg.9c5cf5d1edf9eeed0f97681c35dede4c.jpgIMG_0061.jpg.821f63022eaf8907a887d75cb75223c6.jpgIMG_0062.jpg.818472959acf0df20448f8672b58cab8.jpg



Do-it Hot Lips Jig Molds (2 molds, from .75oz-1.5oz and 2oz-3oz)

~50-100 each Mustad brand jig hooks from 5/0- 8/0

Pro-Tec powder jighead paint (1/2-full can of each: white, glow white, clear glitter overcoat, glow pink, purple, red, black). Not pictured is a can of glow overcoat which is also included.






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54 mins ago, fredmeat said:

I respectfully offer $250 shipped

I completely forgot to add to the lot, my fly (bucktail) tying vise. an essential part of the kit. it's simple but works well. As you can see one pin is missing but was easily replaced with this nail. With the addition of the vise, would you be interested in everything together for $275 shipped?IMG_0072.jpg.3579b79162fa5c118f507e84c38a9a86.jpgIMG_0073.jpg.0ad472dc54db12c53af55cef17834cf0.jpgIMG_0074.jpg.0b40618cd090f0adfe465d7176d8221a.jpg

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14 mins ago, outercapetomtk said:

I'd prefer to sell everything together but would consider selling it separately if you have no interest in it. let me know.


I do have a very similar vise so I would pass on that, if that is okay

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