kayak vs boat which is better

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8 mins ago, Tom Angler said:

Yeah, I get annoyed with boats when I am in a kayak and I try to be nice to people in kayaks when I am in a boat. Some of my favorite fishing is when no one else is around. If you are fishing in either a kayak or a boat, be the nice dude that waves, keeps going and travels to a different spot. Be the nice guy that loads and launches quickly and does not hog the boat ramp. And while you are at it, let the guy in who is trying to change lanes with an obvious blinker on while you are riding back home.

Life is too short to be a turd. Plenty of water for everyone.


I have a theory that my boats gravitational pull is so strong, it pulls all the boats within 50 ft of me, and the closer they get the faster they go. 


I always wondered, what would happen if they did that and then started sinking in the far distance. I would probably pack the stuff and swim the opposite way. far enough so technically i'm not liable for their death. let darwinism take its course. you know, these guys have a boulder in place of a brain in their skull.

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