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11 mins ago, V_T30 said:

I use a Palomar know when tying from braid to barrel swivel and have had great success with it holding on well. It is very easy to tie and takes up little line. 

Thats the best and easiest knot for that

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There are dozens of YouTube vids showing a variety of ways to make an FG knot.  Most techniques turn out to be not so easy.


I spent the last 3 weeks working with a number of different braid main to mono/fluoro leader knots and for the compression knots (FG, PR, SC, GT, etc) I just concentrated on the ubiquitous FG.  It's really the easiest of compression knots if you think about the steps required and where the problems wrapping that knot lie.  Anyhoo, knot-wise, I've come to a few conclusions, so far.


The NoName is a fast, easy, durable knot that will typically render 85% tensile at the minimum, but after busting dozens of these knots that were hastily tied the average is closer to 90%. All testing has been done with 50lb mono leader to 30lb braid.  It's my go-to knot for quick ties at the water.


The FG is definitely harder to tie but it will bust for me at over 90% to over 100% most of the time and after building a few dozen of these I've come up with a better process that works well for me.


I tie the tag end of the braid to something that won't move, pulled right off a reel. I'm right handed so I slip a soft rubber doggie tooth brush over that hand's pinky (protects the finger from the tight braid squeeze and the rubber keeps the braid from slipping off), pull some more braid off the reel and wrap it around the covered pinky about 10 times, cinch it down a bit so it won't slip off the rubber. Mono leader in left hand, put about 3" over the top of the braid (pulled a bit taught) and reasonably close to the right hand so that its free fingers can manipulate the mono tag end.


Wrap the mono back under and over the braid - this wrap could be toward you or away from you, doesn't matter. Return the mono back under and over the braid in the other direction, angling the mono so that the braid "snaps" into place to complete one over-under coil. I do a total of 10 coils, or 20 wraps. When done, all the coils should be bunched together and reasonably tight.  If you don't see nice neat coils lining up next to each other, you have a technique error - keep tension on the braid, and if you can't keep tension, such as trying to get the leader to flip over the braid, pinch the coils made so far, release some of the braid tension off the pinky, make the coil adjustment as need be, reapply tension, snap the newly made coil back into place.


When all wraps are completed, pinch the coils with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, cut the braid tag end away from where it was tied, about 6" long, and use that end to make a braid half hitch knot to lock in the coils from unraveling. Now here's where lotsa mistakes are made, by making lotsa half hitch knots = wrong. Now is the time to make a reverse 5 turn uni knot to totally secure the coils from coming undone (also called the "Rizzuto finish"). The main braid line is held close to the mono, the braid tag end forms the start of a uni knot, 5 wraps of the braid tag around the mono tag and the braid main, then reverse the braid tag back over the mono tag and main line, close to the end of the braid coils. Cinch this down tight by pulling on the main braid and tag braid.


Wet the entire knot. Slowly pull the main braid whilst holding the mono main close to the coils, and if need be use a thumb to insure the coils are as together as can be. Use pulling sticks wrapped around the braid main and mono main, making sure that both the braid and mono do not overlap on the sticks (making weak spots). Pull tight. Go back and use pulling sticks on the braid main and braid tag, pull tight. Snip off the mono and braid tags about 1/16" away from the knot. Do another tightening pull of the braid main and mono main. Done. That knot will almost always break above 90%, even if it's a bit sloppy during the coil winding part. Easy peasy.


If you build an FG knot without coil compression, sorta like the NoName knot, it will have less average breaking strength than a NoName knot.




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