WTS Bucktails! Season supply - black & wine color

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Hello everyone,

As many of you already know, I am reluctantly moving to the opposite corner of the country to support family. I need to downsize and won't be able to use much of my tackle.

Here is a lot of dark colored bucktails, mostly black, but some wine colored and two black & purple (could be blue - I'm color blind). There are 29 bucktails total + ranging from 1/2 to 2.7 oz. The head designs are smiling bill, round head and some bullet head. Most are perfect and unfitted, some have some wear in the form of missing paint. The wine jigs are really nice. Hand tied by someone here.

I am asking $65 PayPal Shipped. Includes the container they're displayed in below.


Here is the list.

  • 2.7 oz: 3 black smiling bill, 1 has some pain missing
  • 2.5 oz 1 wine color 
  • 2 oz 1 wine color
  • 1.7 oz 3 black smiling bill, all missing some paint
  • 1 1/2 oz 3 black ball head, all perfect
  • 1.4 oz 1 wine color
  • 1.1 oz 1 wine color
  • 1.1 oz 3  black smiling bill, all perfect
  • 1.1 oz 6 black ball head, all perfect
  • 1 oz 2 Blue Frog brand swing hook bucktail in black & purple w/ some flash
  • 1/2 oz 5 black ball head, all perfect

Thanks for looking,






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I'll drop to $58 PayPal shipped via USPS Priority.

That's $2 a jig, not taking into account the container, shipping and PayPal fee.

Those wine jigs are really nice!


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8 hours ago, GraniteStRockfish said:

I think the wine BTs are from Dan Tinman on here 

I got a bunch too, they are very nicely tied + good hooks!



Yes, that’s correct.

Price drop to $50 PayPal shipped priority including storage container.

Thanks for looking.


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3 hours ago, Andrew46 said:

I'll take these

They'e yours for $50 delivered including the storage box. I just PM'd you. I sent you my PayPal email address. Please PM me your shipping address.

I'll get these out today Priority.

Hope they serve you well.


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