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Tying large “ flags “ for equally large metal lips

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A friend of mine who is a very accomplished hardcore plug surf fisherman , asked me if I could tie up some large “ flags “ to be used on Gary Soldati Pike metal lipped swimmers . We are talking very large heavy plugs , with the addition of a flag , LOA will surpass one foot easy. I have access to pelts of various fur bearers , however he worried fur strips would be too heavy & bulky , to which I concurred . Any recommendations regarding material & technique would be greatly appreciated. 

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I have a couple GRS lures and the tail flags measured 5-6 inches long and they are tied with regular bucktail and then flash material out past the bucktail to give it the long length. The long length slows down the swimming action of the plug to a tighter and I think more attractive swimming action. On my own lures I like to use long bucktail and in some cases Faux bucktail which is stiffer than the real thing gives a tighter wiggle to the lures I use it on. Saddle hackle can also be incorporated although for me it doesn't seem to hold up as well in the surf bag. The flag can be used to tune in a plug to the action your friend is looking for depending the length and amount you tie on. 

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