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silicone epoxy brush .. not more hairs to pick out

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3 hours ago, Kones1 said:

I checked and there is quite a selection. Have you tried several or just that 1  ? Trying to figure it out in pictures , not so good   

I got it amazon ....I bought a 4 pack and cut two and still using the one    Cuttte 4pcs Silicone Face Mask Brushes, Flexible Facial Mud Mask Applicator Brush, Hairless Moisturizers Applicator Tools, Soft Face Mask Applicator for Mud, Clay, Charcoal Mixed Mask his was the title . hope that helps 

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Just now, pbadad said:

Interesting find. Question, silicone, that word  and epoxy dont go together. I guess it works. Nice trick removing dried epoxy.

works great ...been using the same brush for over 8 batch of plugs (100+) no more hairs . I did make another because I cut the lines neater and finer 

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1" foam brush, buy them in bulk when Michaels does that semiannual sale



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