September 2022 Fishing Reports

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Headed to the back in Monmouth County in the last hours of September, seeking adrenaline in this deteriorating weather. Found very pleasant conditions, all things considered. There was some consistent 5-6lb bluefish action until the current really started ripping, after whichh I cut my losses and headed home.


I stopped at my go-to spot in Bergen County to look for some smaller bass that might be hanging around, but it was slack tide by then and i got no love. 


All in all a decent evening, especially when your buddies bail on fishing plans because of an approaching storm.

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5 hours ago, mr. mr said:

The striped bass is a perplexing fish. 

I have nothing to show for my efforts today. Two full tides, out front, in the back, and in between. 

I did my homework this week when I saw the forecast for this weekend. I found bait, various types of bait, with bass on them in spots with structure capable of handling a NE blow. I planned a progression through those spots based on tides. I was sure that today would produce a great bite somewhere, and then it didn’t. 

There are times when I think I completely and absolutely understand these fish. Striper hubris. I think that I can look at the conditions and say the fish will be here, feeding on this, at this time. Sometimes I’m correct. And then a day like today happens. 

There have been times when I’ve predicted a bite that turned out to be so good that I began to feel something similar to (though not exactly the same as) boredom while catching them. By no means do I intend to brag—many people predict bites more often and better than I do. I only say that to make this point: if these fish were as reliable and predictable as I sometimes wish they were, they would not mean nearly as much to me as they do. Sometimes, when I have a striper in my hands, I wonder whether it’s the fish itself that makes me wake up and head east in the morning, or whether it’s my mind’s own creation about what they could be doing, or where they could be, on this given day. 


I went to sleep last night thinking about Al McReynolds and the 78.8 pound bass (no, I didn’t expect today to produce a record bass). Sept. 21, 1982, on mullet, in Atlantic City, in a building NE blow, on the same moon phase as today. And I woke up this morning with an excitement I can hardly describe. I punched plugs and bucktails through 25 mph of NE with a smile on my face. 

So what is it then? Has it ever really been about capturing the fish itself? Or has it always been about the chase, the pursuit of knowing the inherently unknowable? 

Was today really a bad day of fishing after all?


If the habits of these fish were far more predictable, I would have lost interest long ago. Sometimes you can do everything right, and the fish just laugh at you. Its a puzzle to solve every time out and that more than anything is what keeps me coming back.

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2 hours ago, Mr. Bigdeal said:

.....it's always about the "Hunt"....the catch is a bonus....omo.

10000% Truth


Its all about the thrill of the chase!

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