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I’m building a north fork composites f 990-4. This is a nine foot 9 weight rod. I wanted to get some advice on the sizing for the guides. I was thinking about using to Fuji kw double foot guides for the stripping guides. I would love to get some advice on the sizing of these stripping and running guides. Thanks


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Lots of options that all work.

1. #20 ceramic stripper REC Cerecoil or Fuji K, #16 REC RSPG s/f spinning guide, #12 RSPG, #10 RSPG. four #4 REC S/F RSFX. Total 10 guides.

2. #20 ceramic (Fuji or REC Cerecoil), #16 ceramic, #5 REC s/f RSFX, seven REC s/f RSFX.

3. #20 ceramic Stripper, #16 ceramic, #12 ceramic. One #5 REC RSFX, six #4 REC s/f RSFX.


First option keeps fly line furtherst from blank.


Aim is to keep components as light as posssible.


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I have #20 and #16 Fuji SIC DF for stripping guides,  on my 9' 8 wgts.  The only difference between what I do and #1 is I continue using single foot SIC spinning guides for the rest of the rod, one #12, three size 10's and three size 8's.  Same basic idea to keep the line off of the blank.

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