Germany August 14th. 2022

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The drought continued and as I checked the lower parts of the stream I wondered

how low the water was right now.

Sandbars appeared in the stream and just a trickle was flowing.

At the first stop I noticed one spot with a lot of chub, small to middle sized ones
plus one biggie.
I tried a whole sortiment of flies on them but they did not respond well.
The best I could do was to get them to swim under the hopper.
Only after endless casts I managed one mid size fish.


At stretch nr. 2 I noticed a car oddly parked at the street which did not
forebode anything good.

Turned out to be some yahoo's with kayaks ... imagine that ... an almost

dry ditch with tons of aquatic plants for most part just a couple of inches deep.

Skipped the spot and went to mark nr. 3 


At the next spot fish where present but I could not get close and even

if I could manage a cast the fish where not interested.

And boy it was hot .. 93F, sticky and no wind.
In the end the weather got the better of me ... I called it quits.

My water supply was not enough to survive the journey to the pub.
Salvation was found at a miniature golf course along the way.
I grabbed two Erdinger wheat beers and took a break.


The major thirst was quenched so it was off to the pub.

At the pub I switched over to the dark wheat beer and once
again witnessed the pagan ritual when somebody ordered
beer mixed with sirup and strawberries.
A girl drink ... it still gives me the shivers.


That hot weather called for something refreshing so it was the 
tomato Mozzarella entry with the baked feta as main dish.

The choices for dessert where galore but the rum dish won again.


If it does not rain soon I might have to pause fishing for a while.
Hopefully I can wet a line in the Gulf of Mexico in fall, should have

plenty of water if I can make it.


















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That stream looks really neat and could be a ton of fun with the warmwater species you have in there. That dinner looks phenomenal too, good stuff thanks for sharing.

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