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Looking to build a handful of heavers for nighttime chunking 

Will be throwing 4-6+ moderate sized baits  mostly but sometimes up to 8 + bait 

10'6  or longer 

Have read a handful of old threads and have a rough idea but figured I'd ask again what everyone's recommendations are 

Ideally looking for something on the more economical side since il be building a few   but open to all suggestions


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I would say it depends what you are targeting. Rods for targeting sharks and huge rays as a bycatch might not be a fun fight for bass and drum. Also a rod that casts 4nbait likely won't cast 8nbait as well as a dedicated heaver. Lucky for you that you plan to build a few, so you cover multiple species and seasons. I'd recommend getting a quality blank and then getting budget guides (Seaguide 316ss with RS rings, or Fuji CC with alconite rings) to save money. 


The Cast Pro Series 12'8" is a good all around light heaver for casting in the 5-8oz plus bait range.  It will cast the full range with authority and loads/unloads effortlessly.  Prior to my Florida move, these were my go to rods for spring and fall fishing on the Delmarva coast.  They also did well with large sandbars, but didn't quite have the backbone to horse in the massive summer rays.  IMO the best heaver on the market, but keep in mind 8nbait is the top of its range.


Now that I'm targeting sharks and tarpon from the sand, I'm using a 13 ft CPS 6-10oz and CTS SV1305.  The CPS blanks are top notch quality and a little more budget friendly while the CTS blanks are equal quality for a few more dollars. 


They cast and fish quite differently with the CTS having a stiffer more consistent taper throughout. For me, this means just power up and hit it on the cast.  But the rod puts more strain on you when bringing in fish and can tire you out on days when big fish are plentiful.


The CPS has a softer tip section, which for me, results in a bend in the rod that takes a lot of the strain off of you when horsing in big fish.  Some will say the rod is timing sensitive on the cast, but I've come to see this as it responds favorably to proper technique. I prefer it for both casting and fishing, but the CTS is also a great choice and very popular blank.


These might not be budget minded rods, but building isnt a budget minded least not for me lol. Check out current pricing on a Torzite guide set for a heaver!


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