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caught my first clearly infected striper the other day and now i feel like i'm seeing it everywhere...  


i knew as soon as i landed the fish that it was slot size and i enjoy harvesting what i'm allowed, but i was upset with how unprepared i was on what to do with this fish.


so, i carefully went home with the fish and quickly read what i could find on myco.  i eventually ended up throwing the entire fish away.  the decision was quite honestly gut-wrenching.  it had me upset for days.  i didn't find any literature saying it'd be unsafe to eat once cooked.  i just didn't feel i could safely get to the point of a cooked meal without putting my health or my family's health unnecessarily at risk.


but there are far more experienced individuals on here so i'm hoping i can get some of them to weigh in:


is handling a fish with myco really a significant concern?

should i start carrying hand sanitizer in my plug bag?

should i be concerned about the other species i harvest having myco?

even though i didn't feel safe eating it, could i have disposed of that fish in another waterway so at least something could get a meal out of it?

if i catch another slot myco fish, should i keep it regardless of whether i'm plan to eat it or not so it doesn't pass the bacteria on to more fish?

does anyone take home fish that appear to have myco? what precautions do you take?

if you see a SINGLE red spot on a slot sized fish, are you assuming myco because "better safe than sorry"?


hindsight, i wish i got a few pictures but: it had a dozen (eraser-sized) red sores scattered around and a large (silver dollar?) open sore near it's tailfin. the points of it's tail had a stained red color to it, but everything else about the fish looked normal enough.

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That is sad to hear, years ago i used to see it a lot on fish but can honestly say i have not caught a fish in a few years that seem infected.  I would not assume one red spot is myco, it could come from a variety or reasons but you can generally clearly see a fish that has it has the "sores" all over them and not just red spots.  I release them with minimal handling (fish grip and pliers) and be sure to rinse hands then and wash when i get home. Always seems to be the warm water stresses them and exacerbates the sickness

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This spring I caught the ugliest bass I’ve ever seen. Given the time of year, I suspect it was a holdover. It was as blotchy as a koi. As Kooky pointed out, I avoided contact with the fish and thoroughly washed my hands anyway. 

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I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you gotta keep a fish keep a clean one. I have kept some with the spots here and there and it is fine. If you pull it out of the water and it looks mangled and gnarly, you can just toss it back. Ice your fish as soon as they come out of the water regardless. 


I keep very few fish. 

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