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31 mins ago, JimmyBean said:

You ask me, those guys are missing the forest for the trees. There for the wrong reasons. Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I'd almost rather get skunked on a beautiful day and have the place to myself than share a hot bite with a bunch of smooth-brains breathing down my neck. 


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You mean the no fishing on jetty sign? It was there just last month. I thought it was a suggestion not a rule. 

I don't know why but every time I go there something goes wrong. 

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Thank you everyone, for your responses. It seems there’s a lot of salt thrown around about this location, as it seems its glory days are long behind it. 
I remember coming to this spot, about three years ago. It was November. Plenty of people on the beach, guys shoulder to shoulder, casting soft plastics I won’t say what lure, but everyone had the same **** tied on. Nobody caught anything despite large amounts of bait activity. 
Just some food for thought:

its easy for the salt and bitterness about the way NY protects access to rise up and have me write off the spot.

I don’t think this is the mark of a good fisherman. If every time you go out there and the spot is blown out and nobody is catching anything, then logic dictates the bite is when there’s nobody there. You have to look for a window. Honestly, you can’t handle a few good skunkings (read:several) you don’t belong doing this. 

Every single time I’ve caught a fluke, a striped bass, or a bluefish, I’ve been completely alone. The spots I’ve caught at are common access. Areas people have long written off. Yet, they produce for me time and time again because I’ve found the window.



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