19th Century Replica Dory

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It's a little under 20' and a replica of the commercial fishing boats in 19th century America.


No flat stern so mounting an outboard wouldn't be natural (unsure if you even could do it) and it's mostly oars and two small masts for sailing.


I think this would be kinda cool to putter around the bay and fish in but also wonder how practical it would be.


Anyone here ever known anyone to do that? The only time I've seen any of these replica boats used are as leisure craft, moored in the bay to serve as storage for nets or lobster traps, and to get from ones dock to the moored sailboat.

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Sounds like a nice tender for a boat. Make sure you know how to row and really want to. I own a Stonington Pull boat that is really a exercise boat with a sliding seat and oar master but looks like a skiff and is relatively light.

I would say that without a small motor it will be painful to try a fish and row effectively. 

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