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How they bitin'? Fishing Reports

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Nothing last night. Like Scott no seaweed but no fish either. Had one about rip the rod out of my hand around 3am but that was the only sign of life all night. Expected a better night with the cloud cover and the full moon on the way out but no dice. Did (accidentally) manage to scare the s*** out of some kids who didn’t realize I was out on a rock right in front of them so at least there was a bit of entertainment. 

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Weeds from hell, not just that monkey fur red stuff but kelp type on crap that rolled up everything 2.5 hours, 1 retrieve took 15 minutes, I didn’t see the weeds and the beach is clean. Large clams all over in shallow water. At least the cigar was great and no one around at 4:30 am.

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