Inshore fluke jigging rod that can size up

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Hey -

Looking for a jigging rod that will spend 75 percent of it’s life in the bays fishing for fluke with 3/4 to 1.5 Oz bucktails in 10-25 feet of water, but also will spend 25 percent of its life out around montauk where I’d love for it to be able to size up to support heavier weights for deeper fishing for fluke / stripers, etc. Seems like the best options are the Nexus jigging, the Dark Matter Skinner rod and / or the tsunami classic slow pitch jigging rods from my diligence. 

1) people who have the nexus - will the MH which states its 1-4 Oz be able to handle 6-8oz if push comes to shove in 80 feet of water in montauk every now and then or do I need to get the heavy 2-6 Oz? I heard the MH nexus can size up if needed, but wanted others opinions. Conversely does the Heavy 2-6oz have the sensitivity to fish a 1 Oz bucktail in 15 feet well? The priority is that bay fishing with 1 oz so would prefer the MH if it can size up. 


2) anyone have the dark matter? It’s more expensive and claims to do everything I’m asking for. Willing to spend the money if it’s the only solution for my needs and really has that 1-8oz range with the sensitivity but always nice to save $50-$75 if possible 


3) anyone have the tsunami classic slow pitch heavy? Would it do the trick? It’s states 2-6oz but I heard it’s more sensitive and could size down. It’s also the cheapest of the bunch 


think I’d pair any of these with a lexa 300 which seems to be a good reel for all of my needs. If anyone has thoughts there let me know. 

much appreciated!

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Nexus tip is too soft and cannot do rapid jigging which is why skinner cut off the top 4” and then he started selling his branded rods. The Nexus is ok for bouncing though. 

I don’t use the nexus heavy under 6 oz. It’s mainly a spoon/chicken rig/seabass rod and it easily handles 12 oz sinkers. 

I would use two different rods for the scenarios you discussed. And I use freshwater gear for the bay. 

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