Wapsi fly cement material?

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I was trying to tie a teaser hook with some hair from an old bucktail and I got some liquid cement in my eye. I was right next to my sink and I washed it out for 15 minutes but now it feels like there is stuff under my eye lids. My eye is all red but I think thats from the washing. Burns a little too. The stuff is Wapsi fly head cement. It's a liquid and it doesnt say whats in it really. Anybody know what that stuff is made of? Doctor is probably gonna want to know whats in it. Thanks!


Edit: Actually didn’t matter. Went to the ER just in case and they did some tests and cleared me. PH of eye was normal, no cuts or anything, no debris under my eyelids. All is good unless I wake up and my eyelid is glued shut lol. I think I panicked a bit but it turned out alright in the end. Next time I’ll be more cautious. Tight lines:)

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