Breeches Buoy Rig (not drill)

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Okay. so on Tuesday my only catch was a small spot. I decided to try live lining it using what I thought I read about on here called a breeches buoy rig. Tied a 6 oz sinker to my main leader on my 12' pole and heaved it out.  (Heaviest I had with me). Had a 6/0 hook on 30lb mono leader and a duolock clip on other end. Hooked spot thru the back behind dorsal fin. Hooked the duolock over my main line and held up my rod as high as I could. 


The theory I thought I remembered was that the duolock would slide down main line and with the main line being further out it would get the bait out beyond what you could reach trying to cast sizable live bait. 


Didn't seem to work all that well. At this time tide was coming in and maybe 2 hrs before high mark. The main line didn't seem to have as much incline as I thought. The bait basically just got beat up in the surf. Was I doing something wrong here? I tried to find the original post on here but have not been able to find it.


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Use a pully rig with a float and a splash down release, once you're holding bottom let it float up by letting line out, you can move the bait up in the water column @ 14 ft with a 12 ft rod.  You will need a great cast, a small spot and a lot of luck :)

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