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Unreal black sea bass

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Black Sea Bass.....the pacific variety that is.


I just got photos and videos from #2 grandson Silas of his latest fishing adventure.


I have already posted here about Silas, who from early on took his fishing VERY seriously.  At 14 he got his CA boating captain license so he could take his father's Whaler  in San Diego out alone....or with friends.  I posted pictures of his 13# largemouth, caught on a public lake, then of his 30# White Sea Bass caught while sitting on a surfboard outside the break on a San Diego beach.  Since then he graduated from high school in June, has been accepted into the oceanography program at UCSD, and right now is, I am told, at "loose ends" since his job crewing on an overnight tuna boat out of San Diego got filled while he was waiting for his graduation ceremony.  "Loose ends" for Silas means he is fishing every day.


Yesterday I got these pictures and videos.  I have been almost afraid to ask for details.  Did he take these fish on surface poppers??  I will find out, but right now I am speechless.  More pics and videos on the website.


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Further details:


This species also known as Giant Sea Bass.  According to Wiki....slowly recovering from over-fishing and spear-fishing.  in 2018 there was an estimated 600 breeding adults in US waters.  Maximum size 8 feet and 800 pounds.


Silas caught  (and released) three of them.  In the video one can see several "friends" following the hooked fish.


From the background  I would suspect Silas went out to Catalina Island (note flat ass calm waters) and whether by intent or luck stumbled into a breeding pod????

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BSB were almost extirminated off California by over fishing.  Most of the old landings and old school waterfront restaurants used to have photos of big hauls of "Giant Sea Bass."  I caught a good number of juveniles off the party boats when I lived out there, but those of course had to be released.  I looked at the regs, and apparently you can keep BSB caught in Mexican waters.  That is a pretty amazing catch by the way.  

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