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I have my second trip to the CCC later this year and have been researching the latest Saragosa's as an option for a 10'6" ODM Jigster.


I've been in contact with a few tackle shops who have recommended the 10K model as being the standard for the cape and understand the 14K is also popular. Let me know your thoughts on the questions below.


1.       What is the benefit of using the 10K over the 8K model for Canal Jigging? The 8K is lighter, has a faster retrieve and a heavier max drag. Line cap is higher on the 10K but I don't think I'll necessarily need more line. 

2.       Is there a significant difference in casting distance between the 8K & 10K? 

3.       With only one ounce in weight difference between the 8K and 14K models is 14K the better choice? 

4.       Any other suggestions or thoughts on the line up also welcome





GEAR RATIO          


PP BRAID (LB/YDS)             







40/340, 50/265, 65/215







50/360, 65/290, 80/215







50/400, 65/315, 80/240






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All three reels are identical except for the spool sizing and the gear ratios. You can drop either set of gear/pinion in any of these reels and put either of the spools on eachother, they have the same body etc. etc. The 14k and 10k hold more line, will cast further if the guideset is built properly, but will have slightly less drag because the bigger spool sizes and they come from Shimano in specific gear ratios. If you don't need a ton of line and want a faster retrieve get the 8k, end of the day you can get a 10k/14k spool if you really want from shimanos parts website and interchange.

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casting distance

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I use the 8k at the canal and I know of many others who do too. It holds plenty of line. I find the retrieve is fine for jigging and still slow enough to hang a pencil out in the middle for a while. All in all I don’t think it really matters. You will be fine with any of them. 

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Tweaking/dialing in your reel.  You can adjust retrieve speed as well as power by changing the handle length.  While it does not change the IPT it changes the distance of arc the knob travels and thus your hand.  The length effects leverage and thus power of the retrieve.  


I would make the choice based on line capacity for your chosen line diameter from the 8-14k body.  


You can always pu an extra spool down the road.  It's nice to have a backup spool for any reel.  As an example, buy an 8k and later pu a 14k spool. That would cover a lot of fishing.

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I had a 10K on a 10'6" rod and it balanced pretty well but the 8k vs 10k inch per crank difference is pretty nominal so I'd probably take the rod down and see if the slight weight difference makes any difference in your rod balance.  14K to me is more of a popping reel retrieve speed.

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