Eastern CT Clamming?

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Hi all, 


I recently moved east of the CT River and am exploring the coast in that area.  I would like to do some clamming and typically would head to RI for that.  


Does anybody have experience digging their own between the CT River and RI boarder?  


It seems like each town has their own license, and it could get costly buying multuples.  Not looking for your secret spot, but just some guidance on which Town may have the best program and access.  


I also have a yak that I can use to move around, access beds, etc.

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18 hours ago, MakoMike said:

You also need a license in RI and a non-resident can only get two two week licenses a year.

Thanks, I am well aware and always get the RI license.  RI has both the two week tourist license ($11) and a season long license for non-residents ($200).  I always thought the price was a bit disproportionate there, with the two week being a steal and the year being a bit steep.  Wish there was something in the middle like a 6 month license for $100.  


Clams actually require management that is worth paying for through licensing.

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Each town manages its own shellfish program. Not every town has a program, it involves having a shellfish commission, water sampling, seeding and stocking clams etc. Licenses can be costly, some towns have a reduced senior license, some also allow two clammers to use one license as long as they take only one limit. There is good clamming east of the CT River, a call to East Lyme, Groton, Waterford and Stonington town halls might shed more light on their shellfish programs. 
Happy Clamming 

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