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6 mins ago, Sailah said:

A lot.  It's 120 miles round trip to Falmouth.  During albie season I probably fish 30+ times?  Plus lots of Cape family trips, Duxbury, Maine.


Maybe 5000 miles a year?  I built my trailer up from the frame to handle it.  It's oversized aluminum and I replaced almost everything.  Anything that moved was swapped.  Stainless steel everywhere but with plastic washers so it minimizes galvanic corrosion.  New rims, tires.  Ultra heavy duty wiring and lights.  I've had crappy trailers my whole life and it's one area I just don't want to compromise on anymore.  This was the rebuild, everything other than the frame, fenders and axle was new.  Extended the tongue.




Forgive the zipties but testing out wiring length and where I was running cables.  I switched from those junky 4 wires to a 7 wire junction box.  I run 14g cable down each leg of the trailer to the lights.  All connections are done with Molex heat shrink butts so no chance of water intrusion from splicing.  I run a dedicated ground to all the lights vs using the frame ground.  All wire terminations happen at junction box and all connectors are waterproof terminations.  Use a 7 pin connector to truck.  Before going this crazy, I used to buy trailer lights 6 at a time knowing they were going to get ruined.




Sorry for geeking out about trailers but I've learned what I like and don't.

How do your bearings look/feel when you swap them out? Also how many years are you getting out of tires towing that much?

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1 hour ago, z-man said:

How do your bearings look/feel when you swap them out? Also how many years are you getting out of tires towing that much?

Bearings always look good, I just did this trailer last fall so time will tell.  I usually replace bearings from years of use, I never let them get noisy or hot.  But I'm also checking them almost every time I use the trailer.


Yesterday I went to replace the bearings and seals in my utility trailer.  I hadn't done that in 7 years.  I also bought all new rims and tires for it.  When I pulled off the bearing buddies the bearings were super smooth.  Decided it didn't need it.  Love those Timkens.  I used to shoot trap with Ward Timken that runs the joint.  The tires on the utility trailer were dry rotted.  Since I use it to haul around my John Deere, which is about max capacity, it was worth it to change them out.


I've been very pleased with the Kenda Loadstar radials on galvanized rims I get from Etrailer.  I bought 2 new ones for the Whaler last fall and they are super.  Just bought a new spare so they all match.  My tires are load range C which is 1900lbs/ea at 60PSI.  I'm way under that and I think I run at 45 psi.  I just bought the same tires, although with white rims for utility trailer.  I much prefer radials over bias ply.


My new grand laker trailer has bias tires and I wish they were radials.  Can't wait to get this old girl back on the water, been too long since I started a refurb.  My dad bought it when I was 7.






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