The cost of typical summer cookout in 2022, +17% over summer 2021

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Remember last summer when the WH bragged about a 16-cent savings at a typical July 4th cookout?

Good times! A seeming 2021 victory for Team Biden which they thought was brag-worthy. 



That tweet celebrated a whopping $0.16 from 2020, the Summer of Covid — not exactly a banner year for social gatherings.


So do you think we will see a similar braggadocious tweet this year? 


The Magic 8 Ball says GTFOOH. Per the NY Post:


"Americans gearing up for the traditional Fourth of July celebration can expect to fork over a whopping $76.94 for the average cookout — burgers, hot dogs, chicken, pork and all the fixings. That’s up more than 17% from last year’s figure of $65.46, according to the Consumer Price Index compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics."


Yeah, +17%, not tweet-worthy me thinks. Unless you are grilling strawberries. 

Roundup of inflation this year versus last for summer cookout grub: 


  • Ground beef: 
    2022: $9.58 per 2 pounds
    2021: $8.20 
    Price hike: 16.83%
  • Hot dogs per pound (around five to seven dogs) 
    2022: $5.22 
    2021: $3.80
    Price hike: 37.37%
  • Chicken breast, boneless (per 2 pounds) 
    2022: $8.62 per 2 pounds 
    2021: $6.74 per 2 pounds
    Price hike: 27.89%
  • Cheese per pound: 
    2022: $4.34
    2021: $4.05 
    Price hike: 7.16%
  • Ice cream (per half-gallon) 
    2022: $5.35 
    2021: $4.69 
    Price hike: 14.07%
  • Pork chops (per 3 pounds): 
    2022: $12.39
    2021: $11.64 
    Price hike: 6.44%
  • Chips per 16-ounce bag
    2022: $5.61
    2021: $4.92
    Price hike: 14.02%
  • Lettuce (per pound)
    2022: $2.99
    2021: $2.69 
    Price hike: 11.4%
  • Tomatoes (per pound): 
    2022: $1.82
    2021: $1.80 
    Price hike: 1.11%
  • Eight hamburger buns 
    2022: $1.82
    2021: $1.66 
    Price hike: 9.64%
  • Potato salad (per 2.5 pounds): 
    2022: $2.99
    2021: $2.75
    Price hike: 8.73% 
  • Strawberries (per two 12-ounce pints) 
    2022: $4.88
    2021: $5.30
    Price drop: -$7.92%
  • Baked beans (per three cans) 
    2022: $4.92 
    2021: $4.26
    Price hike: 15.49%
  • Soft drink (per 2 liters) 
    2022: $1.90
    2021: $1.63
    Price hike: 16.56%
  • Cookies (per pound/one-pack)  
    2022: $4.51 
    2021: $4.02
    Price hike: 12.19%
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Could you imagine the loss if you are paying for your cookout with one of those Bitcoin credit cards?

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Well, at least Terri's strawberry daiquiris will be cheaper for he and his crowd. 



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2 hours ago, Farflung said:

did not include beer, one of the major components of a cookout.


1 hour ago, Ditchbag said:

Or weed !

How much did weed go up ?

Or propane.  


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Our cookouts are basically a **** ton of beer and maybe some hot dogs and hamburgers,

So I would say my fourth of July cookout is probably going to be 40% higher :beers:

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14 mins ago, redfishkiller said:

My last ounce was 55 bucks :th:

is that the cost of fertilizer and fencing for the patch you are growing "out back"? 

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