Playing with Queers and Dwarves

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On 6/20/2022 at 1:29 PM, Niffty said:

Took about an hour and 20 to get home. A real rager. :th:


Your souks have seen our singer trying to hold his own up front after our set. His poature showed his age. :laugh: He came up to me at one pount and said "Dude, I can't do this anymore."


Funniest **** was some one there had gas from hell. Never before have I seen a pit break up because of a fart, but whoever it was did it twice. First time I smelled it I thought a sewage pipe burst. 


I was home. 

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whoa-ive  wanted to see the dwarves for a long time.....unrepentant. 

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On 6/13/2022 at 0:14 PM, Niffty said:

My band, The Monkeychunks, will be playing the Gramercy freakin' Theater this Sunday!


The Queers and The Dwarves are touring together and we got the local opening spot. :cool:




We are not listed on the tour poster since we are only playing one night. (Wish we could have gotten the Stone Pony gig.) But we are on Ticketmaster.




 Biggest room we ever played.


This will coincide with the release of our first single later this week. It will be the first release from this "true" incarnation of the band. 



Didn’t know you was in a band 

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Posted (edited)

It made me happy to see the Queers are still going. I grew up near where they formed and they held status in the eyes of young punks. I've maybe seen them play 4x over the years. 1x as awestruck teen, the other times were all happy surprises (when going to see a different band, not knowing who else was on the bill)


Congrats on your big gig


edit: oh, the fart story was funny af

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The fart story was funny

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