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A friend of mine gave me a Stradic FJ 5000 which was grinding and "slippping". I have never taken apart any of these reels, and it appears to be that there is probably some stripping on either the main gear or the worm gear pinion. 

I will pull it apart, clean and tighten things up and figure out what needs changed. Probably get some carbontex washers if the current ones are bust. 

If parts are needed, is shimano the best place to get them?

If parts are out, would any other models of 5000 size reels share the pinion gear and main gear that would fit a Straidc 5000FJ ?


And of course, at what cost threshold would it just be best to toss it and get a new reel? 


Thanks a lot

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Take LOTS of reference photos as you open up and before removing any part.

Shimano USA has an online parts ordering website, go to the main web page, select apparel and gear and then go to parts then spinning; choose your model and the schematic will come up with a matrix / order form; as an example the main / drive gear RD14936 is available at $23-ish

Sustain FG shares parts with your Stradic

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