Big Plug Lot and VISION EELS !!!!

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Big Plug Lot
(Really don't want to split)
None of these have been fished, a few might have a pointer or two from being in a box
Located in Lake Como (South Belmar)
Pickup greatly preferred but will consider shipping on your dime
$5,000.000.00 shipping or the actual boxed & weighed shipping cost, whichever is cheaper.
And if anyone is interested in the math it's $20 per plug and $10 each for the Vidion eels. None of these plugs are worth less and most are worth much more (Nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean ?  ;) )
Row 1 - top to bottom
RM Smith "No Name"
TK Surf
Lemire needle
Super Strike Green Eye Popper
Super Strike Black Eye Popper
Ron Mucie
Smitty (Kimber Smith)
Row 2:
Big Ed needle
Really nice Pikie - maker unknown
Lemire Popper
Black Label
Rays Plugs Surf Howdy
Big Don
Alpha (Drew9745)
RM Smith Giant
Row 3:
2 packs of Unicorns (Vision Eels!! 1 pack is open but never used)
BC (Brian Mullaney and Corie?)
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