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I joined the club of Kayak anglers a few months ago. I fish in Mauritius, inside and outside lagoon, where the weather allows us to fish all year round :)


I got a UltraLight Rod and Shimano Stradic FL 3000 which quickly become my main Rod. It's a bit small, but so light that It's super confortable to fish with all day long.


However it's small when I cross the reef. I also have a Spinfisher 3500 on a medium heavy rod. I find it super heavy.

Especially comparing it to other reels on the same size (daiwa BG RR 4000, A Stradic FL4000 for exemple).

And even the drag is less than the Daiwa and Shimano.


If i was fishing standing on a boat maybe it'd be better, but sitting in this kayak I don't find it great.


Do you find the weight of this reel justified? I'm considering selling it but I never caught anything huge on it.

(Biggest yet was a small 9lbs tuna on the UL set up)



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What length is the medium rod?  The longer the rod, the better the balance for heavier reels.  SSV is pretty heavy anyway.  I have a 5500 SSVI on a 9' rod and I wouldn't want to go any heavier than that, but the rod being 9' helps the balance.  I wouldn’t put a 3500 on a rod any smaller than 7MH size. Also are you in a sit-in or sit-on?  Sit-in will make you lift your arms higher, increasing fatigue. 

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Hello, It a 7.5Feet approximately and the kayak is a sit on top!

I dont really want to go longer than that because of transport and once on Kayak, I don't find it very practical.


Maybe I'm just not used to heavy set ups as I come from light river fishing.

But another Reef like Daiwa or Shimano does the same Job, I don't really get the SpinFisher popularity. (So I guess there must be an advantage that I don't know yet!)



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If you want power in a small package switch to a round bait caster or low pro. Generally 8-10oz weight of reel and can be mounted to a light casting rod. It's really all I use doing repetitive casting and covering. 

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Funny, I find my SSV 4500s light, but that's compared to my old Shimano 3500b, which was a tank! I also have a shield 3000 which I use for smaller game, but some will use with 30# line or greater, since getting spooled is less of a risk on the kayak.


An island in the middle of the Indian Ocean sounds like an exciting place to fish @jonas, I'm sure most here are jealous! Pics?

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Well after today outing, I can definitely say I can't cast hours with that heavy reel, had to switch to the lighter Stradic quite often. But Given your opinions, maybe it's just me, I've a bad right shoulder.

I felt the power however, lost the biggest fish I ever hooked 2 time in a row because of trebles that didn't hold, and bentHope . Changed all my baits hooks to single today. 


And as requested a few pics, I'm quite new to it so no GT trevally or Moon-tail sea bass but it's a start, which are among the most sought after fishes here.

Below are are nice Capitaine (Lethrinus nebulosus), biggest fighter inshore, a small trevally and a small skipjack


Hope it gives you travel ideas ;)




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