Germany May 22nd. 2022

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On Sunday it was off to the stream again.
As mayfly season had started the goal was to catch a trout on a large mayfly.
In the early morning though nothing was flying to I tried nymphing first.
The tactic did not work and as I suspected a trout at the spot I fished I tied on a streamer.

The streamer once again did the trick as I battled a pretty nice trout.
I managed to land the fish and for good order I measured it at 43cm / 17 inch.
Storms of the last week had downed quite a few trees and a few had landed in
the stream causing different fishing conditions.

With no signs of trout I headed upstream where I had seen some rising fish earlier.
The problem as usual on such an overgrown little stream were the trees.
Somehow those branches reached out to grab your fly.
The fish I spotted rose steadily but I just could not drop the fly accurate enough
without hooking the one or other branch.

With the spot ruined by my lack of skills I tried the forest an although I had not
seen many of the naturals buzzing around fish where feeding.
Off course feeding meant under spots so tight that I could never land a fly there.
I was almost at the end of the stretch before private land began when I noticed
a shape in the shallow water.

A downed tree in the water disappeared with in angle of 30 degrees in the stream.
A narrow stretch allowed water to flow over and just behind that sat a trout.
It was difficult to spot as it had the same colour as the sand but the tail movement
gave it away.
My second cast landed at the right spot and the mayfly imitation drifted though the opening.
The trout did not hesitate and took the fly instantly.

My friends were out and about also and we intended to meet at the pub for some drinks later.
As I had to double back I downstream I came across the spot where I had bungled with that rising fish.
When I left that place I did some tree trimming so now I had some more space to make a cast.
Fish where still rising and I nailed a small brown on the mayfly, I was sure there was a larger fish in there but it did not surface again.


At the pub the understaffing was noticeable with a long wait before you could order.
My friends complained about too much salt and small portions so it was not a success.
It all just took too long so I even skipped the usual coffee and cake and called it a day.
















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