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On 6/23/2022 at 9:09 AM, CWitek said:

Have to say it, but that won't change much.  It never has.


My "younger generation" was going to save the world.  End war.  End poverty.  Save the environment.  End racial and gender discrimination.  And maybe give life to friendly dragons and unicorns, too,.


It all sounded good when everyone was still taking classes and arguing philosophy over their substance of choice late into the night.


But time moved on, and they got jobs, and spouses, and mortgages.  Jerry Rubin, founder of the Yippies, took a position on Wall Street with John Muir, one of the more corrupt penny stock brokers of the time.  


It's not that they didn't make changes; it's just that the changes were bad.  They were the generation that altered the American workplace, laying off workers and demanding longer hours of those who remained, instituting the notion of "face time"--sitting at your desk well after 5:00 just so your manager could see yuour supposed dedication to the job, eliminating pensions and reducing medical benefits, hiring temps instead of full-time workers to reduce costs and increase profits, leading to increased bonuses for those in control.  They became politicians and--well, you can see how that worked out for yourself.


The problem with younger generations is that they get old.


While they're still young, they're the screwees, and as such, have an intimate understanding of inequity and the need for change.  But as they grow older, they--or at least enough of them--mature into screwers, who then do unto the screwees what was done unto them, often with new, creative, and more painful twists.


It's just the way life goes.  Sometimes there are aberrations that lead to temporary change, but in the end, it's a survival trait to look after yourself and your progeny.  That's how your genes survive.  So even if  things get better for a while, they tend to swing back to the mean, where they've been for so many years, for no better reason than it's the situation that best benefits those pulling the strings.

ty for insight

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