Fs: JDM. nib. Studio Ocean Mark Blue Heaven L50Hi-R Magbrake.

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not getting a chance to use this reel for a while due to family reasons.


this is the limited run mag brake version of the already super useful L50 size 


the L80 is too large to be used comfortably as a pure casting reel. so i never bothered with that one.


reel has a great outside finishing, gray color, feels like shot blasted ceracoted stuff if that makes sense.


original design application is for shore and boat casting lures or jigs.  but you can do everything with it.


casting distance or jigging.  can popper, stickbait, and bounce jigs shore or boat, chunking, even surf casting.


or use the mag brake can double also as a jig drop control.


holds 150m PE10, 200m PE8, 300m PE6, (~0.40-0.60mm)

or if you use it for slow jigging shallow or deep deep,  upwards to ~600m PE3, ~700m PE2.5 , ~1000m PE2


great smallish/medium size do all reel.

my original intention was to run ~400m PE5, mount on a moderate, 7.5-8' rod

so i can either cast divers/stickbaits/jigs, and long fall jig on same rod.


very very low teens serial number.


never used, never lined, or seen water. sat in my wall cabinet.


dead stock anywhere worldwide.


$1000 shipped. Ups/fedex overnight or 2day to your door. Venmo pp or the likes. Check. Mo. Wire.


$950 cash local. 11209 Brooklyn, NYC








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10 mins ago, Ditchbag said:

How did you end up with so many beautiful reels ?

Im a tackle tart snob hoe collector user.  Lol

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