Germany, May 15th. 2022

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And off course next day we did the same ... sort off.
I actually overslept and when I came at the water I encountered all kind of
flyfishing riff raff ... well I knew them by name.

I gave my friends some intel and headed out further afield.

A lot of debris from the trees on the water and since it had not rained for
a considerable time the water was low.


Did not get a bite until I dragged a weighted woolly bugger through a pool.

It yielded a nice little trout so at least I avoided the skunk.
In the woods I spotted a rising fish and as the rings where small I assumed

it was a dace.

I tossed a small fly near the fish and bang fish on, it was not a dace as they

do not jump.
Turned out to be a very acrobatic brown trout bit it eventually threw the fly.


The plan was to meet the riff raff at the pub but apparently one of them

had to get home early so I had the place for myself.
Off course there where plenty of folk sitting outside but I preferred the
quietness of the inside dining to the noise of motorcycles and farming

equipment of the main road.


This time I went for the Bruschetta as appetizer with as main course
the pork chops with mushrooms.

Finished all off with a Cappuccino and icecream ... with cream.



















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Blame the cook, apparently she learned her job at that English chap Jamie Oliver and worked at the Hilton in Athens Greece ...

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You should included a pic of that giant brown trout from last month in every least until we catch on! :D 

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