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Boston Public School Ramen Kid

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Who else puts school books in the microwave? Sounds like this is a regular thing this kid does. He believes in it so much he tossed Ramen hot water in the teachers face. With all the beat downs from groups of pre-teens kids that in the public areas, there is no incentive to stay long after retirement in any big city really.


"A 14-year-old student at a school in Boston is accused of throwing boiling hot water on one of his teachers earlier this month.

The incident, which occurred at McKinley Middle School on St. Mary's Street in Allston on May 5, resulted in the teacher bringing herself to the hospital, according to a Boston police report, after the school's principal failed to call 911 on her behalf.

The teacher had told her student not to use a textbook to assist in microwaving ramen noodles, as the book would be ruined in the microwave, police said. Following a disagreement, the student allegedly proceeded to stand up from his seat and pour his cup of boiling hot ramen noodles on the teacher. 

The student had used the hot water side of a bubbler rather than a microwave to initially heat his noodles, the police report states."


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15 hours ago, RL Bucktails said:

The kid should be beaten with a stick

After him, the principal.

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