To those of you that responded to the PM's this Nino guy sent you

By TimS in BST Discussions and Questions,
You have been scammed. He was removed as soon as a second person notified me that he was sending PM's telling people to contact so and so to buy whatever it was they had WTB threads open for. And I know some of you went ahead and contacted those email addresses and THINK you purchased something. You didn't, you got scammed. You won't receive the item and I'm sure you paid via Venmo or PayPal friends and family as scumbag scammers will ask you to do.   File this under another lesson for why we don't allow PM buying, selling, soliciting or trading. The guys that followed the rules and reported the scammer didn't get scammed - the guys that went ahead and made the purchases, I'm not going to remove your PMs because I'm pretty sure next time someone PM's you to buy or sell something, you'll remember the time you got separated from your money by breaking the rules. Scumbag operate via PM - if you don't respond to those scumbags, you will not be taken advantage of by them - if you report them, you'll potentially save someone else from those scumbags - if you deal with them via PM you are on your own. People don't get scammed here when they follow the rules - we can't protect anyone when they break the rules. All of our rules are there for a reason - they aren't there because we want rules, they are often there for your protection - to keep things transparent and fair and to keep things moving. Hopefully you can get your money back.   TimS
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