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West coast Hat Fling 2022! Sign ups

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I’m posting this but protesting all the way down the rabbit hole.


TonyL got Cornholed with heading up this years fling.  Apparently using a computer for porn and using it to post stuff are two separate things.


FIing 22 will take place on July 16th at San Gregorio State Beach.  Someone will again get there early to reserve the spots (Brossi). He is again going to be providing donuts.  Just don’t ask him where the icing came from.


Sign up and bring goodies for the raffle.  If you cannot attend and wish to donate items, you can reach out to TonyL who will gladly take possession of them.  Of course he will be fondling them first !


For the most part it will be a potluck, bring food and let us know what you are bringing.  Double_D will be making his decision to attend based on what food is being served.  

Items that Put_em_back would like to have folks to sign up and bring or he will commit seppeku :


Paper plates, napkins, tableware,

2-3 bags of charcoal/lighter fluid, ice, chips, desserts and drinks .  Dingle, this means water/sodas and not just Mad Dog 2020.  
Maybe a couple of portable stoves.


Friends and family as usual are more than welcome.  And yea Adrian, You can bring the Chubber.


If you have any questions or concerns, blame linesideslayer and see the following;









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Cornholded is right.....finding the container of SOL goodies in the back of my truck was a rude awakening.  Since I don't have enough posts on this site to post content without site moderator approval, Albycor was "kind" enough to post the fling for me.  Send all your inquiries, questions and donation to Ablycor.  He will  gladly answer all your questions and if needed will pick up any and all donations to the fling.  It will be good practice for him as he will be hosting next years event.

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LIke you really want to introduce your friends or family to likes of Mike Fixter or Moocks.


Mike, you  bringing your short rod and ball for the contest?


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Quote:Originally Posted by Surf HunterI don't wanna grow boobies.
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