How bad must the polling be for Biden to flip flop like this?

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The Brandon Regime declaring they are going to begin selling new oil exploration leases means nothing if the Department of Energy, Department of the Interior, and the EPA will not approve the permits required to work them.


That is the game this Regime has been playing. You can buy a lease, but you can't get the permits required to explore, drill, and pump the oil and gas.

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2 hours ago, Drew C. said:

End goal implies a plan. 

There’s no plan here, just awe inspiring incompetence. 

I disagree, I thought is was incompetence at first, they screw up everything they touch, it is not an accident. Are we supposed to believe that the former Obama admin members in Joe's admin and Joe with his years in government can't rely on past knowledge to run the country? That no one knows what factors cause inflation, how supply chains work, or that babies need formula?

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