Messin' with Libs

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Thread Topic Alert!!!!!! (Relax Hall Monitors)


Guys.....making libs mad........


It's kinda awesome right? I mean, they're completely batshit insane. They wore poosay hats and costumes! They seriously dressed up like vaginas and walked around in public. 


In this thread, we will list everything wrong with libs and make them really mad. Like slap us like women mad. (So abusive.......)



I will start. 


Pronouns. For the love of everything Star Trek........Pronouns??!??!?! Really??!??! That's the future??? Grammar? We're reducing society to one wierd Non Science based grammatical vaguary? Shim? Zim? Zer? Are we even sure these are words or pronouns?? 

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Biden is better.  Only if you’re stupid as F and cant admit you’re wrong. You may have finished the human race. Thanks for playing rits.

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