9’6” ODM Frontier X 3/4-4

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Selling my ODM Frontier X 3/4-4oz Rod


Slightly used, bought in 2020, didnt use much as i was using my century rod mostly, $385 shipped, buyer pays 3% for paypal goods and services.






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40 mins ago, HoldMyBass said:

been thinking about putting in an offer, I am in New Jersey and the shipping thing makes me nervous. What you got to ship it in?

Ive shipped a good amount of rods west coast to east coast through this platform, what i do is grab a hard cardboard tube from my construction site that holds all thread rod (so you can gauge the strength) and cut to fit with hard lids. I know things happen during shipping but i havent had anything ever happen to me. Ive also used pvc tubing, whichever i can get, both super solid.

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