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Few questions I'm hoping can be answered by someone more knowledgeable than me.


1) Where can lobster traps be legally deployed? I'm having trouble finding information on this.


2) Does my salt water fishing license cover catching American eels with a trap? If not, what license do I need? Same as question one...where can these traps be legally deployed?


Maybe a better question is where can they NOT be deployed? Any information is appreciated. Thank you!

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Lobster traps can be recreationally set pretty much anywhere you find lobsters.

FYI, even recreational lobster fishing is heavily regulated. Traps must comply with escape vents  fastened with iron pot rings.  Plastic ID numbers must be affixed to each trap. Buoy must have your license number burned into buoy and buoy painted with your "colors".

Your lobster guage must correspond with the zone you fish in.


All this explained in your regs when you get you license.   Good luck. I love recreational lobstering, but it can be frustrating and expensive.


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Good luck with eels.  Ive got less than a dozen in 2 years  My eel pot has become my crab pot.  Add a zip tie across the chute or opening to prevent the jumbo crabbies from getting in.  It doesn't stop the eels.

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