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Well, to begune with, if your bait fishing Delmarve area, I would go with a 10' med/ heavy, 2 to 6 oz rod with a moderate or maybe a moderate/fast action. I would look at Penn Battalion rods, Star rods, Tica. There out there. Do you live near a real bait and tackle shop?. I would stay away from a 9' rod for now, nothing wrong with them but for blues, stripers a 10 ' would be better, plus it will keep your line above the surf. I use 9' and 8' in the surf for whiteing, pomps, and othe small fish. But a 10' 2 to 6 oz would let you still fight the ocasional ray, small shark, ect . You will have to do somwe research on the rod you pick. Try to go to a B & T store to feel a few rods and talk to the guy's that work there. Try to stay away from the big box stores ,unless you knowwhat your looking for.

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