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Over 40 years ago when Kayak fishing was in its infancy and no such thing as Fishing Kayak, A Web Site started called ****.Com--- By a guy selling kayaks out of his Garage, The now de funk Jersey Paddler in Brick Nj his father sold Kayaks out his Gas Station till years later the son opened a Super Premier Store, over the years Members on That web site met weekly to fish Teach and do repairs Little was know then. One thing we knew was Kayaks were made from Recycled Soda Bottles. Small Scratches blend in with Hot Hair Dryer or Heat gun simply go over them and they will melt in even a Deeper Scratch it will work. Gouges cut some Polyurathan into strips used as a Welding Rod with a Heat Gun and Sand Ver deep Gouges of having no Heat gun use a PVC Repair or an Epoxy work. Guys Launching in Gravel or off the Surf glued a Bow-Keeel Guard from Weast Marine.,.



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I bought a plastic welder off eBay to add material to the bottom of ours. We were going up into some really rough areas in The Chesapeake and scratches happened more often than not from oyster reefs and from pilings and walls we were fishing. Be very careful using a heat gun, you can do more damage from distortion than you'd think. Most of these plastics become pliable at 250 degrees and WILL distort at those temps.

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